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The path of Hercules

The trail has a total length of 12km. Its starting point is the Environmental Museum of the Information Center of Forestry Foloi, in Loutsa and crosses part of the mythical oak forest. The path leads to the Gorge of the Erymanthos River, which moves in vertical gorges, when it is raging, when serene, forming wonderful waterfalls. It invites you to an orgiastic game of sensations, in a virgin landscape with frequent alternations, rich vegetation and fauna, clear waters, smells and sounds that surround you. The path ends at Sene’s bridge. There, the visitor can choose two routes to the village of Nemoutas where the M3 path ends:

  1. From the waterfalls of Haratsari. Here are the eight beautiful waterfalls of the ravine of Haratsari 15 to 42 meters high. It is a wonderful treasure of natural beauty in Ilia, unknown until now to the general public, and excite anyone who faces them, while many are the ones who every day are interested in being there. Emerging as a site attraction is a result of the long-running effort of a group of young people living in the area.
  2. From the waterfalls of Amoula, where are the seventeen beautiful waterfalls of the Amoula ravine of 15 to 52 meters high. The traveler has the opportunity to admire the wild beauty of nature on a path filled with willows, oak trees, pines and plane trees, to encounter a variety of birds, insects and wildlife, as well as ruins of watermills and barrows.