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Neda waterfalls

With a name full of myths, Neda gorge invites you to discover the reason why ancient Greeks put the leader of their gods to grow up on a picturesque place like this. Neda gorge is located among the prefectures of Messinia and Ileia in central-east Peloponnese. It is an amazing place to visit, with the most reasonable season to do this during August or September, and have the chance to swim under a 100-150 meter natural tunnel crossed by river Neda or have a swim on the natural swimming pools created by the numerous waterfalls of the area.

According to the ancient Greek myth, Neda, one of the nymphs, was appointed by Rea, the mother of Zeus (Dias in Greek), to hide and take care of her child that was in great danger due to the manic desire of Kronos (her brother and husband and of course leader of the Titan Gods) who was eating his children in order to avoid being overwhelmed and lose his crown and throne by any of these…