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Alfios is the largest river in the Peloponnese. The ancients believed that Alfieus was a lad who loved hunting. She was dazzled by a beautiful nymph of Arethousa and offered her to marry. But Arethoussa refused. Choose to stay free. To avoid Alfios he traveled to distant Sicily. But he was nostalgic for the Peloponnese and dreamed of returning. Some gods regretted her and transformed her into a rich and brim spring that her waters entered deep into the sea trying to reach the Peloponnese.

Alfios was transformed into a large river with springs from Arcadia and rich waters that crossed Olympia and poured violently into the Ionian by encountering the waters of the source of Arethousa. Alfios is the largest and largest river in the Peloponnese, with a length of 116 km, forming fertile valleys, lakes, tributaries and landscapes of exceptional beauty. The most important values ??of humanity were born and emerged on the banks of the river.