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Kalavryta – Helmos – Ski Center

On the slopes of Mount Helmos at 750 m Kalavrita spreads out. Beautiful houses, streets and plane trees create a very calm embrace. A little outside the village, on the rock is built the Venetian “Castle of Oria”. It is worth visiting the Monastery of Agia Lavra, which was built in 961, at an altitude of 961 meters and once had 961 monks. This is where the message “Freedom or Death” was heard, and the revolution of the Greeks began in 1821. Another attraction in the area is the Great Cave, built in 362 AD. at an altitude of 1000 meters with great views. The temple of the monastery has beautiful frescoes, mosaic floor and a bronze door with reliefs. The ski resort of Helmos is located 14 km from Kalavrita, in the main volume of Helmos, with two lifts to the same number of buildings and runs.