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Museum of the Modern Olympic Games

Since 2004, a new museum, the Museum of the History of the Ancient Olympic Games operates in the renovated building of the first Archaeological Museum built in 1985. In this magnificent neo-classical building archaeological finds related to the Olympic Games, coming from Olympia or from other museums in Greece, are displayed. The goal of the exhibition is to present the birth and evolution through time of the sporting and Olympic ideal. A building adjacent to the museum contains historic documents from the first excavations in Olympia by the German Archaeological School, which are continuing to this day.

Modern Olympic Games Museum

The Modern Olympic Games Museum was founded in 1961 and the Hellenic Olympic Committee is responsible for its operation.

The museum was based on the collection of Georgios Papastefanou, who was the first to believe in the possibility of spreading the Olympic Idea and Education through a museum. For this purpose, he donated a building, which is located in the village of Olympia, along with his rich collection to the Hellenic Olympic Committee. The museum contains rare memorabilia from the Modern Olympic Games, photographs, medals, diplomas, cups, etc., and a valuable collection of rare stamps. Various Olympic Committees and individuals have donated items which admirably complement the Museum collection.